2023 CRV Rendering Images (Unofficial) by Kolesa

2023 CRV Rendering Images (Unofficial) by Kolesa – There have been unofficial rendering images of the upcoming 2023 CRV made by Kolesa. The render was inspired by the camouflaged prototype, giving us a clearer insight into what the CRV will look like without the camo. 

The Updated Production Plan

Earlier in 2022, there was a prototype of the suspected new CRV in Europe. Although there was also a rendering of the CRV in April, the one made by Kolesa isn’t only newer. According to Honda, the new CRV will undergo next-gen redesigned work. Still, it’s more about an evolutionary concept (of the design) than a revolutionary one. As a result, Kolesa stripped the camo so we could have at least a fictional idea of what the crossover would look like. 

2023 CRV Design
Source: Motor1.com

The Design

The CRV comes with a new design grille, a trapezoidal shape, and slim headlights compared to the current model. The design looks similar to the Honda Passport. A higher sill line on the design thru the rear side doesn’t seem to change. The vertical taillights don’t seem to vary slightly, even in the sixth generation of production. 

From the prototype, it seems that the long hood and the overhangs will make the CRV bigger. However, it’s challenging to be sure about the exact dimension and size of the new 2023 CRV because Honda hasn’t said a word about it. Rumor has it that the US market may get bigger, resulting in a different third-row arrangement, but there hasn’t been any confirmation. Not to mention that the CRV in the global market has always been able to accommodate seven people quite comfortably and nicely. 

2023 CRV Interior
Source: Motor1.com

Keep in mind that the rendering images are unofficial. It’s made by “fans” to provide a fictional visual appearance of what the CRV may look like when it hits production. 

Powertrain and Performance

There hasn’t been any official release about the powertrain. Still, based on auto enthusiasts’ opinions and feedback, it’s highly likely that the gas unit will be used again, so the hybrid arrangement. It’s even possible that the powertrain arrangement would be similar to the previous generation, but it would be made more efficient. The previous CRV comes with an inline-four naturally aspirated unit with a 2.4-liter capacity and a four-cylinder turbocharged unit with a 1.5-liter capacity. In 2020, the turbo four was the only gas powertrain option, and then came the hybrid. 

2023 CRV Spy Shot
2023 CRV Spy Shot

CRV may be coming with an all-electric arrangement, but not until Honda Prologue makes an entrance first, which will happen in 2024. Honda seems to gain as much knowledge as possible from General Motors as they have worked together. The company is said to plan the Prologue (and another SUV-version for Acura) using the BEV3 electric architecture from GM and the Ultrium battery (management system). It was the system used in the GMC Hummer EV 2022, GMC Hummer SUV EV 2024, Cadillac SUV Lyriq 2023, Chevy Silverado Electric truck 2024, and Cadillac sedan Celestiq 2023. 

Honda won’t be making any battery-electric CRV just yet, at least until the (second) half of this decade, when they can develop their architecture with a solid battery state. If this is the case, we sit and wait for the official release of about 2023 CRV.

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