2023 Porsche Cayenne: What’s Happening to the Popular Midsize Crossover?

2023 Porsche Cayenne: What’s Happening to the Popular Midsize Crossover? – What’s happening to the 2023 Porsche Cayenne? Although the company hasn’t said much about its prototypes, the midsize crossover has been spotted undergoing the testing stage. After all, the company stated that they would update the Cayenne, so it’s only reasonable if they have come up with a testing prototype. 

The Updated Plan

The Porsche Cayenne is known as a popular performance crossover, and it’s a good thing if some tweaks are designed for the 2023 Porsche Cayenne. Rumor has it that the new crossover will likely look a bit radical compared to the current line. Well, it’s revolutionary for Porsche, after all. The prototype can see the new look; at least some of the cues are pretty obvious. 

2023 Porsche Cayenne Redesign
Source: Autocar.uk

The exterior design

According to some auto enthusiasts, the front bumper has gained a more imposing look. It’s because of the sharper and more prominent headlights and the bigger front grille. It’s safe to say that the revisions and updates have dominated the front end as they are happening there. New headlights are available with a more angular and flatter shape. If you are familiar with the design of Taycan, you will understand what I’m talking about. And the daytime running lights are integrated into the front fascia. It is an entirely new look that the new Cayenne likely incorporates. 

Changes and updates are also happening on the rear side. The taillights, for instance, are entirely concealed in the new prototype, giving out hints that a new concept is likely happening there. The tailgate has undergone revision, too, because the license plate recess has been moved to the rear fascia. It has a similar design to the Cayenne Coupe, which also experiences the same updates and facelift for the new model. 

2023 Porsche Cayenne Interior
Source: Autoevolution.com

The Interior Cabin

Unfortunately, the spotted prototype didn’t show the interior cabin. However, many auto experts and enthusiasts claim that they can imagine how the new look could be seen. In Taycan, the dashboard has been updated so that the new look will be integrated into a new dashboard with an entire digital cluster. The Taycan may inspire the new crossover Cayenne, so it is also possible that Porsche would imitate the interior cabin’s vibe and layout to the Cayenne. 

Powertrain and Performance

Again, Porsche hasn’t said anything about their upcoming powertrains. The company typically upgrades the horsepower as new updates and upgrades are implemented. For instance, the current lineup with the E-Hybrid Turbo S can generate 670 hp, so it’s not surprising if the new 2023 model will be able to exceed that number.

2023 Porsche Cayenne Release Date
2023 Porsche Cayenne Release Date

In Cayenne Coupe, the manufacturer packs a new (and more robust) Turbo GT unit consisting of a V8 twin-turbo unit. The unit itself can generate 631 hp, which is quite impressive. However, it’s unclear whether the same unit (or the same arrangement) would be done to the regular line of Cayenne. The same vague information also applies to the exact launch date and the price tag. We need to wait for further official release about the 2023 Porsche Cayenne. 

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