2024 Dodge Dart: Is the Revival Going to Happen?

2024 Dodge Dart: Is the Revival Going to Happen? – According to rumors, the 2024 Dodge Dart would be redesigned entirely and would be a modern muscle ride that is certainly appealing, especially to those who are into muscle rides. The classic ride gets a widebody design, creating an entirely new look for this Mopar nameplate’s revival. An Instagram artist (or user?) has created a fictional visual appearance for the Dart concept, making it super attractive and pleasing. 

2024 Dodge Dart Redesign
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What Is It All About?

Dodge stopped producing the Dart in 2016, but it doesn’t mean they can’t make a concept. So, an Instagram artist created a widebody version of Dart’s concept vehicle to provide a visual insight in the event Dodge changes their mind and wants to add a line that won’t cost as much as the Challenger. 

The Classic Name

There were two times when Dodge decided to produce the Dart. Once, it was in the early 60s when the nameplate began production. Until the mid-70s, the Dart was quite a famous ride until Dodge decided to stop the show. 

In 2012, Dodge revived the nameplate as a compact sedan to be a suitable rival for the Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, and Ford Focus. Still, the Dart became the lower-priced model in the lineup. The 2016 model was the last one since Dodge decided they wouldn’t make any more compact rides for the North American auto market. 

2024 Dodge Dart Interior
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What does the design look like?

The rendering image of the 2024 Dodge Dart is done by putting the picture next to the classic Dart. It’s done this way to see the similarities and relationships between the two rides in terms of architecture, lines, and overall design. Suppose you are familiar with the current Dodge Challenger and its styling. You shouldn’t have any difficulty imagining the actual model – and imagine it being in one of Dodge’s current lineup. 

After all, Dodge’s lineup ‘only’ consists of the Charger (the four-door type), the Challenger (the two-door style), and the Durango SUV. All of them have various variants and (mainstream) trim levels. Since they decided to focus more on muscle rides, Dodge will not produce the crossover Journey and Grand Caravan minivans. And they need to be serious about it, considering that the new future is all about EV-focused vehicles. 

2024 Dodge Dart Release Date
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Future of Dart

There have been rumors flying about the possibility of Dodge bringing back the Dart again – this time with better technology. So, will there be a 2023 model for the Dart? You have to note that Dodge has always stayed loyal (and accurate) to its roots in muscle vehicles. It should be exciting to imagine Dart coming back and being added to the lineup. 

 If Dart is coming back, imagine how cool it would be! There is no doubt that this hypothetical Dart revival rendering would make Mopar enthusiasts excited. Unfortunately, Dodge hasn’t said a word about this. So, if a new 2024 Dodge Dart is coming, we have to wait and see for its official launch and confirmation.

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