2024 Lamborghini: The Plan for Its Successor

2024 Lamborghini: The Plan for Its Successor – What’s new about the 2024 Lamborghini Aventador? The Aventador is going to retire, although Lambo has already prepared its successor. It’s sad, considering that Aventador has been with us for around 11 years. So, what’s the next plan?

The Updated Plan

Lambo has prepared the successor for 2024. It would still be using the 12-cylinder unit but in electrified mode. Lamborghini has designed a transformational shift to plug-in hybrid technology, and they are planning on making more electrified models. They even plan a pure, four-seat, all-new EV in the coming years, which would add to the lineup of sporty and luxurious rides.

2024 Lamborghini Aventador Price
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Prototype Spotted

For the upcoming 2024 Lamborghini Aventador successor, the prototype has been spotted going thru a testing stage. This ‘mysterious’ Aventador was seen at a European test track, which is guarded. The spy shots were unclear as photographers were ‘forced’ to take pictures from afar. It seems that Lamborghini is serious about hiding the details of the new successor.

That’s why it would be difficult to get details of the new ride, but it seems that there are new additions and elements within the side intakes. The rear side appears to have some mismatched features or parts if you look closely. We can’t be sure about it.

2024 Lamborghini Aventador Interior
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Moving on to the New Design

The Aventador has existed for 11 years, which means it has been with us for more than a decade. Saying goodbye could be difficult. in July 2021, the company stated that they would make the Aventador Ultimate LP 780-4 as their final production. The prototype is probably an (early) test mule for the promised new super ride. If the sales start in 2024, the reveal may happen after 2023. Early 2024 would be the latest.

The main challenge and issue for hybrid technology are keeping the weight down. Creating a super ride without adding extra pounds is more complicated than it sounds. Specific emission rules (in some regions or countries) require at least a minimum amount of electric power and range.

2024 Lamborghini Aventador Redesign
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Beyond the Powertrain

Although Lamborghini claims to retain the V12 unit, they haven’t mentioned any detailed specs about the powertrain. No one can tell whether it would be coming as a modified tub version (debuted by Aventador) or whether it would be a completely new unit. But for now, you can expect it to come as an all-wheel steering and all-wheel driving system, supported by active aerodynamic abilities and technology. Rumor has it that it would also come with a carbon-fiber tub. Unfortunately, up until now, the information wasn’t clear.

We have to wait for Lamborghini’s official release concerning their 2024 Lamborghini Aventador. Lamborghini hints at new curves and designs for the Aventador—which may be something that already exists in the Essenza track car. It wouldn’t be surprising if designs or styles were inspired by the Terzo Millenio 2017 concept car.

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