Tesla Model X 2023 Updates and Detailed Specs

Tesla Model X 2023 Updates and Detailed Specs – It’s said that Tesla has pushed Tesla Model X 2023 delivery time (the same thing happens for Model S) because the gap between supply and demand seems to go wider. The Model S for 2023 is reported to be the cheapest version without compromising quality and performance. So, what’s going on with the auto industry? And what’s happening to Tesla?

2023 Tesla Model X Redesign
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The Manufacturing Plan

Although Tesla’s performance has been quite promising (and pretty punctual), they aren’t 100% perfect. All of them are happening simultaneously, resulting in long delivery (timelines) within the industry. Tesla is one of those rare auto producers that have managed to manage punctual deliveries, even with the supply chain problems. However, they have been ‘slipping,’ affecting their delivery timeline. Because of the increasing demand (especially for electric vehicles) and supply chain issues, Tesla pushed back its delivery time, especially for the Tesla Model X 2023. 

According to reports, deliveries for several versions and variants of the Model Y and Model 3 have been pushed to 2022. And even the flagship vehicles, the Model X and Model S, are also affected. Through its online configurator, Tesla has officially announced that both models’ deliveries (especially for the Long Range Model X and the Model S) would be pushed to March 2023. March 2023, would be available with the base 19-inch wheels, which is why the line can be made cheap. More expensive and bigger wheels would be pushed further through the company’s configurator. It means that buyers are ‘forced’ to change their settings to get smaller wheels. 

2023 Tesla Model X Interior
2023 Tesla Model X Interior

Detailed Performance Specs

Model X is offered in two major versions. The first is the Long Range trim, with an all-wheel-drive system and a dual motor. The second one is the new Plaid tri-motor trim. They come with spacious cargo space, up to 91 cubic feet. 

The Long Range is newly refreshed, and its estimated range can cover 360 miles. It can reach 60 mph in around 3.8 seconds, and its top speed is about 149 mph. Not so bad for an electric vehicle. If you are willing to spend an extra $5,500, you can upgrade it to 22 inches of turbine wheels. With it, you can reach a top speed of 155 mph, but you can only cover 350 miles of distance by sacrificing 10 miles. 

2023 Tesla Model X Redesign
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The Plaid Model X can cover 340 miles. It even comes with a more impressive ability: it can only reach 60 mph within 2.5 seconds, and the top speed is 149 mph. If you are willing to spend extra on the wheel upgrade, you can get 163 mph as the maximum speed, but you need to sacrifice 10 miles to travel only 330 miles. 

Release Date

So, when would be the exact release date for the Model X? With manufacturing issues going in, it’s difficult to determine the same Tesla Model X 2023 delivery time. You will have to consult your configurator to get the closest launch date.

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