The Updates Happening to 2023 Palisade

The Updates Happening to 2023 Palisade – From several images that we can see on the net, the 2023 Palisade is getting a facelift – or a makeover. Don’t expect a complete redesign, tho, because it won’t happen. But having a makeover is fantastic, especially if you want to enjoy a better and fresher look (and performance). With the makeover, hopefully, the SUV will be even better in performance and appearance. After all, the Hyundai Palisade is known as this excellent and stylish SUV. 

The Updated Design

As it was mentioned before, there have been several spy shots of the new 3-row SUV spotted on the testing stage. From those spy shots alone, it is evident that the popular SUV has several transformations being made to the interior and exterior elements.

2023 Palisade Release Date

The spy shots showed the SUV in camouflage. Although heavily covered, you can tell that the taillights and headlights seem slimmer (at least when compared to the previous design). That grille itself looks like it has a 3D design with the Parametric Hidden Lights tech, developed exclusively by Hyundai. The front bumper seems to have minor touch-ups, too, although we can’t tell what’s happening to it. Tucson has likely inspired such a thing. 

The Interior Cabin

According to the company’s plan, the facelift will continue to the interior cabin. For a starter, the digital (gauge) cluster and the infotainment display screen would be more significant. The current Palisade comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display, but the 2023 Palisade is predicted to have a 12-inch display, the same as the Ioniq 5. Rumor has it that the gear shift would be different. The new model would likely be spherical, inspired by Genesis GV60. 

2023 Palisade Interior
2023 Palisade Interior

Powertrain and Performance

The new Palisade would come with a V6 naturally aspirated unit with a 3.8-liter capacity that delivers 291 hp and 262 Nm of torque for the American auto market. It is paired with an automatic eight-speed transmission and a front (or even four) wheel drive system. Changes will likely happen on the physical aspect, especially on the inside and the outside, but the engine will stay the same. 

Will there be a hybrid Palisade? It’s possible, although there is no official release about it. After all, Santa Fe and Tucson have their electrified versions, so it’s only logical if the Palisade also gets the electrified unit. The company is reported to be undergoing the testing period for the new Palisade, but there is no information about the latest safety features. 

2023 Palisade Changes

Release Date and Price

If everything goes as planned, the new Palisade should be coming after 2022. The South Korean auto market’s launch would happen in March, while there is no information about the release in the American auto market. There is still no official price, but with the updated features (and also the possibility of a hybrid version), the 2023 model may start at around $34,400. If you want to know more about the 2023 Palisade, let’s wait and see what Hyundai’s further official release from Hyundai is.

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