What Could Possibly Happen to the 2024 GMC Sierra

What Could Possibly Happen to the 2024 GMC Sierra – Will there be a 2024 GMC Sierra? If there is, how is the planning going, and what is the company’s arrangement for it? Questions may arise among auto enthusiasts because of the recent move made by GMC. They teased their latest Sierra, but it is designed as an all-electric version.

According to them, the all-electric version is only available in Denali trim, which makes it super exclusive and premium. There are even several detailed rendering images of what has been shown and displayed.

2024 GMC Sierra Release
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The Upcoming Plan

The electric version of the 2024 GMC Sierra would be constructed on the Ultium battery platform, GM’s specialty platform. This platform features a special architecture for their next-generation battery, which means they can possibly cover 400 miles of range. Yes, the number would be made possible. The Sierra would be manufactured at Factory Zero, GM’s specialty manufacturing plantation located in Michigan. This is the same place where they make the Chevy Silverado EV and also Hummer EV.

What’s with GMC?

GMC has a pretty ambitious plan: to sell two electric (pickup) trucks this year. After they reveal their strategy for the Silverado EV, they move on to the Sierra – also in an EV model. And it’s revealed now that they are going to set the Hummer EV and Sierra EV side by side, hoping that both of them can boost sales figures.

2024 GMC Sierra Interior
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There are several teaser images, at least showing off the front end. There is a (futuristic) lighting setup with a blocked-off grille, making the electric pickup have a futuristic design and vibe, especially when compared to the gas Sierra.

The Chevy Silverado EV has been scheduled to launch in 2023, along with the Hummer EV. Considering that there are several insights about the Silverado (like the rear-wheel steering setup or the fixed glass roof), the same would also apply to the Sierra EV.

Price and Release Date

From a pricing point of view, the gas Sierra Denali will likely start at around $56,800. On the other hand, the all-electric version may start at around $65,000 (because of the tech, mind you). If the price range is set around it, it will compete against the Rivian R1T; an ‘adventure’ truck designed more for its luxurious target market than for heavy load-work.

2024 GMC Sierra Price
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Expect the Denali EV to have, at least, similar performance and quality, considering that it is designed with a luxury finish and is also expensive. The target market is obvious: the wealthy people of the world instead of companies (that may buy in bulk). It would be nice, tho, if the Denali came with similar top performance as the Hummer EV, with more than 1000 hp and the ability to reach 60 mph within only 3 seconds.

What about the launch date? There is no information about it up until now, but the Denali Sierra should be available after the mid of 2023. There are still plenty of times, with several months until the ‘due date,’ there is still plenty of times. Hopefully, we will know more about the 2024 GMC Sierra thru the company’s official release.

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